Sunday, 1 June 2008


Welcome to the ISC blog. Let me know if there's anything you want here, e.g. if you want something added to the 'Links' section.
Happy times.


Maureen said...

I'd appreciate it if you could you add a link to my website -

Thanks, Maureen

Rachel Andre said...

I have never connected with a blog before Julian and would really appreciate a little tutorial on how to post or share something. This is probably a source of amazement to many but a sad fact... It has taken me ages to get to this bit! Thanks Rachel A year 3

Julia Bee said...

Hello Julian

I'm new to blogging too, but excited to be on this learning curve ... straight in to the ISC at 2nd year level and enjoying it immensely. As with Rachel, any hints/helps would be welcome.
I'd also really appreciate it if you could also add a link to my website:
Looking forward to growing in community with Ignatius and with you all!